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Demos are back. Check the Taste Date Section to sample our
harvested in Laconia, Sparti, Greece, bottled and packaged in Canada EVOO and Olives.  And select Longo’s locations are carrying or Regular and Organic EVOO. Check the store locator. Plus we have introduced a 500ml Regular EVOO. Ask you grocer to add it to their offering.
The 2023/4 harvest is completed with excellent quality EVOO from our SRH groves and those of our relatives and neighbours where we buy product to supplement our ever growing demand.  The volume from our groves is less this year so we will have to source more at market prices. Do expect a spike in prices due to supply shortages and continued increase in demand for good Greek EVOO. The first shipment has arrived and is reaching the shelves of our retail partners from Kingston to London Ontario.
Early harvested, raw, first cold pressed Greek extra virgin olive oil.  100% pure and unfiltered. Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, cholesterol free from Sparti, Laconia Greece. 
Spartan Rolling Hills (SRH) is Certified Organic since 2006. Bringing the very highest quality products to the everyday table.
Our groves are located in the Peloponnese, Sparti, Laconia area in and around the rolling hills of Sparti. The Sparti, Laconia area in southern Greece is renowned for producing exceptional early harvested first cold pressed extra virgin olive oils.

Our early harvested “Agourelaio” literally means  “unripe olive oil”.  Olive oil extracted from this fruit delivers a rich green colour, fruity and slightly bitter and peppery olive oil. Fantastic for salads, dipping and cooking. Yes you can cook with good quality olive oil.

Tree types and harvesting:

Ancient trees of Sparti, Laconia, Greece.

Our 3000 plus trees across many small groves, consist of Koroneiki, Koutsourolia/Asprolia, Athinolia and Kakori trees. Some of the olive trees are several hundred years old while others are just a few years old. Each tree type has a unique quality and flavour that distinguishes our Spartan Rolling Hills EVOO.

We are involved with every step. This includes hands with the cultivation, harvest, processing, bottling, distribution, shelf location, tasting/samplings and consultation with our retail business partners to constantly deliver the best pure Greek extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Independent sources of information:

The Mediterranean diet, as described by The Mayo Clinic, consists primarily of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. In the diet, butter is replaced with healthy fats such as olive oil. Flavoring is done with herbs and spices instead of salt. Red meat consumption should be limited to a few times a month. And fish and poultry at least twice a week. Drinking red wine in moderation also is beneficial.

According to researchers, consumption of extra-virgin olive oil protects memory and learning ability. It also reduces the formation of amyloid-beta plaque and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain, both classic Alzheimer’s hallmarks.

The study, “Extra-virgin olive oil ameliorates cognition and neuropathology of the 3xTg mice: role of autophagy,” was published in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.

An authentic great Spartan Horiatiki Greek Salad (village salad) recipe from TrishStratus?

Cooking with olive oil:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Toronto’s Greektown

Yes, Yes, Yes, you can cook a main course to desserts using good quality olive oils…especially Greek EVOO….and for more about cooking with olive oil visit: The Olive Oil Source. Or Health Impact News.

Additional independent sources:

If you are interested in becoming an approved retailer or if you wish to purchase a case or two or our first cold presssed extra virgin olive oils, contact us by phone at 647-321-6451 for Nick or 416-826-7875 for John. Or send an email to info@spartanrollinghills.com. We can ship to anywhere in the world.

Check the Store Locator for a retail location near you to purchase our Spartan Rolling Hills products.