Spartan Rolling Hills Harvest News for 2023!

The 2023 is completed and thanks to Mother Nature and our hands-on love and tender care of the groves throughout the year, has resulted in excellent quality. The volume is less than last year so we will be sourcing more from our neighbours and local growers at market prices.

The care includes controlling the pests by spraying the trunks of the trees with molasses and hanging several canisters of water from each tree with our special non-toxic recipe to attract and get rid of most of the bugs.

And throughout the year, clear the groves of weeds and where possible open the groves to sheep and goats that eat some of the unwanted vegetation and of course leave behind fantasic manure.  And when needed turn on the drip irrigation when mother nature is short of rainfall. Sunshine is always in plentiful supply on the Spartan rolling hills.

As in past years, we adhere to our proven and successful processing of:

  • harvest earlier in the harvest year.
  • wash and crush the olives the same day at a local production facility.
  • only use the juice from the “first pressing” of the olives.
  • do not add any heat to the process “cold pressed”.
  • “unfiltered”.
  • store in a dark and cool location.
  • ship in bulk to Canada.
  • bottle and package in Ontario, Canada.

While we wait for the 2023 harvest to arrive, limited supply of last year’s harvest is on the shelves of our fantastic retail partners in Canada. (see store locator).  The concerns each year are any last minute mother nature impacts and the rising shipping costs.

The fruit of our labour over the years has consistantly resulted in:

  • EVOO high in polyphenols.
  • Greenish in colour.
  • Grassy, mildly bitter and peppery taste.

And here are some nice recipes for SRH’s EVOO.